Sport as a Source of Energy

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The students of the Danube Private University (DPU) distinguish themselves not only through their strong commitment to their dental medicine studies, but also through great success in their sporting endeavours. Whether football, tennis, golf, horse riding, fencing, flag football, endurance sports or hunting, the students are active together and often participate in training organized by the DPU, allowing them to enjoy their leisure time. Those who keep themselves fit are also able to deliver an outstanding powerful and balanced performance during their studies and later careers.


There are countless high-achieving dental students enrolled at the DPU, who have also already excelled in other areas such as science, culture or sports. They motivate their fellow students to expand their interests and find relaxation away from their often very strenuous everyday studies.

They include award winners at major competitions, e.g. Jugend forscht (a German youth science competition), Jugend musiziert (a German music competition for children and adolescents) and participants at European and World Championships. They are brilliant in the natural sciences and technology, outstanding violinists and pianists, golf and equestrian champions, national team members among the 10 best riders, gold medal winners in apparatus gymnastics, vice-European champions in “Long Driven”, as well as a world champion in clay pigeon shooting and a Miss Universe in bodybuilding.

We share the joy of these students and wish them continued success in their dental medicine studies.