Hunting school

In cooperation with the Schloss Bad Zwesten hunting school in Hessen (Germany), DPU students have the opportunity to complete a hunting license course on the initiative of DPU's dentistry student Constantin Wiesner. The preparatory courses and seminars/practical training for the German hunting licence exam take place in Krems and at local shooting ranges.

Further information can be found on the homepage:

DPU Hunters Club

The DPU Hunters Club provides the following activities while studying and also strives to keep the hunter community alive after graduation.

  • Shotguns seminar (Where: Wagram am Wagram, clay pigeon shooting range)
  • Rifles seminar
  • Drive hunt seminar (Krems/Revier)
  • Clay pigeon shooting (Wagram am Wagram)
  • Shooting simulator (Joh. Springers Erben in Vienna)
  • Trade fair visit
  • Wine tasting
  • Regulars' table