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Hunting School

At the initiative of our student Constantin Wiesner, students at the DPU have the opportunity to acquire a hunting licence in cooperation with Schloss Bad Zwesten Hunting School in Hesse, Germany. The preparatory courses, seminars and practicums for the German hunting licence exam take place in Krems and at the local shooting ranges.


Further information is available on the hunting school’s website:

DPU Hunters’ Club

As of 2017, students will also be able to join the DPU Hunters’ Club, which plans to organize the following activities during university studies and also keep the hunting community alive after graduation.

  • Shotgun Seminar (Where: Wagram am Wagram, Clay Pigeon Shooting Range)
  • Rifle Seminar
  • Driven Hunt Seminar( Krems/Hunting Ground)
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting (Wagram am Wagram)
  • Shooting Simulator (Joh. Springers Erben in Vienna)
  • Exhibition Visit
  • Wine Tasting
  • Regulars’ Table