COVID-19 measures at DPU

We have all been officially exposed to the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. At DPU, we immediately adapted university operations to the official restrictions. The Rector and President came to the decision that all theoretical courses would be broadcast to the students at home as webinars on “ZOOM” and that the non-substitutable, job-specific internships in the preclinical phase, as well as the Integrated Treatment Course in the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems, would take place as scheduled on campus in compliance with the official preventive measures and under special quality assurance standards also relating to hygiene. Students can only start an internship once they have submitted a rapid test initiated by DPU, the result of which must be negative. As a unique preventive measure, DPU will subsequently carry out Coronavirus rapid test screenings for students and employees every 14 days as part of a joint study with the Austrian Red Cross, and DPU will bear the costs of this extensive project. This is to protect the health of everyone involved at DPU as well as the patients of the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems, to contribute to the region of Lower Austria, and to ensure that the semester goals for all study groups are achieved. The rapid test screenings have already proven to be a successful measure. Only 0.37% of all tested students and employees at DPU had a positive result. The university management would like to praise the disciplined and considerate behaviour of everyone involved in the context of the pandemic, the cohesion of the DPU family and their support in maintaining the university's operations.

Treatment in the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems

At the end of September 2020, DPU started carrying out COVID-19 rapid tests, whereby almost all clinical students who treat DPU patients in the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems, medical staff and other clinic staff tested negative. The entire clinic team was vaccinated in January 2021. This ensures the best possible safety for our patients, and their friends and families, in our clinic.

Research on COVID-19

We research for your health. DPU is running several research projects to combat COVID-19. Our willingness to innovate has been recognised and promoted by the EU and the state of Lower Austria.

Secretariat of the Directorate Scientific Coordination and Management
Phone: +43 676 842419-372


In the event of personal signs/symptoms of a COVID-19 infection or contact with someone who tested positive or a suspected case of Coronavirus, the office of our Chief Physician, MR Dr. med. univ. Sven Orechovsky, must be notified immediately, both by telephone and in writing:

You will then be informed of any further – official – measures. In the meantime, stay at home and do not enter the university under any circumstances. We are happy to answer any questions!

Important official links in the context of the pandemic:

Detailed information on the coronavirus (symptoms, course of action and prevention) can be found on the website of the Agentur für Gesundheit und Ernährungssicherheit GmbH (AGES) (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety):

Current information on the COVID-19 protective measures regulation:

Lower Austria information on the pandemic:

Note the current travel warnings from the Ministry of European and International Affairs: