Feedback from the student body

Feedback from the student body



Special situations require special measures. This is exactly what DPU has done for us, its students, in the past and now.

Thanks to the future-oriented and particularly innovative measures of DPU we are getting closer to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in universities. The ultimate goal of slowing down, reducing or even stopping the spread of the virus at our university is an enormous trust and safety factor for us as students.

The crisis management at our university emerged innovatively at the start of the year and has proven particularly effective in recent months. This showed us that no matter how difficult and unprecedented a situation is, it can strengthen an already familial mission statement and cooperation, leading to even more trust, safety and responsibility.

During these turbulent times, the university has proven to be an authority by responding quickly and appropriately, which allows us students to continue our studies in the usual highly qualified manner and not to suffer any losses in our theoretical or practical training.

We, the students at DPU, aim to help reduce and slow the spread of COVID-19 and we would like to appeal to everyone that we can only be strong and overcome this crisis together!



In challenging times, like those we're currently facing, fast and efficient action is very important and is a hallmark of a functioning system. With this in mind, when the new federal regulations were announced by the government, all lectures for human medicine and dentistry students at DPU were immediately converted to eLearning courses and the student operation of the dental clinic was temporarily suspended.

Face-to-face lectures by computer enable lecturers to make regular course content accessible to international students at home. The usual high standards of our university are maintained during these lectures and seminars.

As students, we are particularly pleased that all professors and lecturers have consistently implemented the use of the eLearning platform with a high level of commitment and are therefore available to all students, despite these times of crisis and special challenges, in order to enable efficient use of time as well as study within the standard period of study.

The clinical semesters, which were in the 72-week integrated treatment course at the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems, had a particularly difficult time saying goodbye to everyday clinic life and their patients. In order to make academic use of the current break in the treatment time, all clinical students are currently attending daily case presentations and lectures within the DPU's eLearning academy, where they are joined by their supervising doctors.

The DPU students who currently live across countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany and other European countries are impressed by the concept of the eLearning academy and see the daily learning units as motivating items on their agenda during this difficult time.

We would like to express our special thanks to the management of DPU as well as our lecturers, who are always supporting us, maintaining our usual standards and strengthening our solidarity.

We would also like to thank our dear patients for their understanding. We hope to see you again soon in Krems!

Stay healthy and see you soon,
on behalf of the student body at DPU
Alina Hofmann, Julius Bloch, Amelie Auracher & Florian Pfaffeneder