Medical Journalism and Public Relations

Language of study: German

Health and medicine: People consider it very important to be properly informed and that offers a wide range of career opportunities.

"Our reality is more exciting than a thriller," said Dr. Stefan Klein, one of the world's most renowned scientific journalists, speaking at a lecture at the DPU. He was primarily referring to the developments in science and medicine, which have witnessed some remarkable strides forward, particularly during the last decade.

Good health is our most precious asset. In no other area do people demand such extensive information and help and they are willing to make great financial sacrifices to preserve or recover their health. The majority of national income in Western industrial nations flows into this now gigantic market. The German healthcare market alone currently has a volume of approximately EUR 260 billion. Forecasts expect this figure to almost double to about EUR 453 billion by 2020. This means that the significance of the healthcare market and its protagonists will continue to develop very positively. A Bachelor of Arts in Medical Journalism and Public Relations (BA) is therefore a very interesting career recommendation in a market that is recording immense growth.

Medical, healthcare and scientific journalism make up an ever-growing part of media reporting. These topics play an increasingly important role in all segments, broadcasts and programmes, also because they affect large areas of people’s lives and influence other areas of society such as politics and the economy. In addition to the media, social security agencies, healthcare and medical institutions, and pharmaceuticals companies have a growing obligation to provide well-founded and reliable information, a task that has to be fulfilled by their public relations departments. There is therefore an increasing demand for specialized journalists, who are able to understand and convey complicated scientific, medical and socio-political phenomena conscientiously and responsibly.

The task of public relations work in the areas of medicine and healthcare is to establish efficient communication relations. It must function as a medial translator for the benefit of both recipient and client. Science and medicine feel increasingly compelled to provide well-founded and ethically responsible communication.

Journalists and public relations staff require a sound education that places an equal emphasis on both the medical as well as the journalistic-communicative aspects.

The bachelor programme serves as a qualification for the professions of

  • Medical Journalist
  • Healthcare Public Relations Expert

The Bachelor of Arts in Medical Journalism and Public Relations (BA) and Master of Arts in Medical Journalism and Public Relations (MA) programmes were accredited by the Austrian Accreditation Council (Österreichischer Akkreditierungsrat – ÖAR) in 2009. Their accreditation was extended following an extensive review within the framework of the Danube Private University’s routine reaccreditation procedure in 2014. The degrees are recognized throughout Europe. Internships are guaranteed by the DPU.