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In principle, the students must fulfil the requirements for “Admission to Degree Programmes” stipulated in section 63 of the Austrian Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz – UG 2002), i.e. they must be in possession of a “General University Entrance Qualification”, even a “Special University Entrance Qualification”, a “European general university entrance qualification” or an “equivalent qualification” in accordance with section 64 of the Austrian Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz – UG 2002) (e.g. German Abitur, International Baccalaureate). The implemented admission procedure does not focus merely on the grade of the general university entrance qualification, but also takes into account a range of other factors, in the form of a so-called “Matura plus concept” (the Matura is the name of the secondary school leaving certificate and matriculation exam in Austria and several other European countries, comparable to the Abitur in Germany, A-levels in the United Kingdom or Baccalauréat in France).

The objective of the admission procedure is to identify talented and motivated young prospective students, who can be expected to learn academic thinking independently and whose ethical motivation is discernible. They should be willing to and be capable of subjecting themselves to professional training and education, and of developing their imagination and creativity. Prospective students from abroad, for example, Europe or other countries around the world, are granted equal opportunities. The admission procedure occurs in several phases based on the principle of arbitrary discretionary decisions.

The submission of the application folder is followed by the examination of whether the formalities stipulated in sections 63-64 of the Austrian Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz – UG 2002) have been fulfilled and the subsequent review of the “motivation” for a course of study in dental medicine:

  • Preliminary registration form (pdf)
  • Motivation letter (A4 page)
  • Curriculum vitae with passport photo
  • Certified copy of the general university entrance qualification* or special university entrance qualification*
  • Certificates of participation for a two-week internship at a dentistry practice and
    a two-week internship at a dental laboratory

* If the general university entrance qualification exam or the special university entrance qualification exam has not yet been completed at the time of the application, it should be submitted as soon as possible. In such cases, the final grade certificate and report of the previous year should be sent in advance.

Please send your application to the Danube Private University, Steiner Landstraße 124, A-3500 Krems-Stein, Austria, Fax: +43 2732 70478 7060, E-Mail: