Course structure and curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Human Medicine (BSc)

The Bachelor's programme in Human Medicine at DPU is divided into 35 modules (including the bachelor's thesis and the professional exploration), which are divided into 8 main module groups: 

In addition to the modules, there is a general examination MED1 for 10 ECTS.

Master in Human Medicine (for award of the Dr. med. univ.)

The master's programme in Human Medicine at DPU covers the content of the last six semesters of a human medicine degree at DPU. The degree is an important step for the student to obtain a medical license. In combination with the bachelor's degree, the master's degree in human medicine (which is awarded the academic degree of "Dr. med. univ.") forms a complete system of basic human medicine training at DPU. DPU aims to train the students of the master's programme in human medicine to be competent practitioners in all areas of medicine (Dr. med. univ.)

Admission requirements

  1. The completion of the bachelor's degree in Human Medicine (BSc) at DPU or the completion of an equivalent degree (the equivalence of a degree must be checked or confirmed by the Rectorate of DPU).
  2. Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language.
  3. Applicants who have already been admitted to another domestic university must submit the certificate of departure from this university in accordance with § 69 UG with their application for admission.

Curriculum for the Master's programme in Human Medicine

The master's programme in Human Medicine at DPU is divided into 23 modules (including the master's thesis and the clinical traineeship), which are divided into only 4 of 8 main module groups. The master's programme also includes the clinical practical year (KPJ). The 23 modules and 4 main module groups are shown in the course matrix and have the following colour coding (there is also the clinical practical year with a total of 60 ECTS and 1,500 working hours).

WL= Workload, SCH = semester credit hours, ECTS = European Credit Transfer System, CP = Credit Points, UE = teaching unit of 45 mins, Attendance and self-study, 1 SCH = 15 UE of 45 minutes = 11.25 h of 60 minutes

In the master's course matrix, the individual modules are positioned as follows for each semester (FAM is an abbreviation for the clinical traineeship and block internships, the number of ECTS-CP is in brackets):