Tuition fees

DPU has established an innovative training concept that expands existing systems in Europe and is recognised throughout the EU. We are convinced that fair competition of study concepts leads to an improvement in human medicine studies and the optimisation of human medicine for the benefit of the patient. A democratic society thrives on the elite of achievement, who develop particularly in the competition between educational institutions.

University education is not possible for free; it is either financed entirely by the state, as a joint task with subsidised or no tuition fees, or by private contributions. Students who pay performance-based tuition fees can expect an exceptional quality of the courses on offer, the study conditions and the lecturers. But, in return, the university can expect a committed audience that wants to be challenged.

The tuition fees for the German-language programme in Human Medicine at DPU are EUR 13,000 per semester, the total tuition fees for the six years are EUR 156,000. In addition, there are costs for purchases (instruments, materials) that have to be made as part of a human medicine degree.