Master of Science in Oral Surgery/Implantology (MSc)

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Academic Director: Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Gutwald
Dean of the DPU and Coordinator of Scientific Continuing Education and Postgraduate Studies of the Danube Private University (DPU), Krems

The fields of implantology and oral surgery are important elements of dental and oral medicine, and they support and complement each other unequivocally in their understanding. Implantology is thereby one of the major growth areas in dentistry. No other field has developed as strongly, from a diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific perspective, in recent years. Other factors, such as demographic developments, multimorbidity among older patients and the constantly changing spectrum of medicine with new therapy possibilities, also place new and increasingly greater demands on surgical treatments. The needs of the patients should thereby not be forgotten. Despite the general trend towards specialization, the majority of patients want holistic treatment from their family dentist. It therefore goes without saying that the practice of today should also offer implantology and oral surgery. Anyone who has dealt with implantology and oral surgery, wants to expand their intellectual and manual spectrum. One should not immediately push oneself to one’s limits, but rather subject oneself to a well-founded scientific learning process. The knowledge transfer of secure concepts and alternatives, combined with manual skills, aims to enable the participants to also master the demands of successful implant insertion and surgery in complicated situations and to also handle complications with confidence. This university course meets the modern and increasingly surgical demands. Rise to the challenges of a modern society’s expectations and qualify yourself for the future.