Master of Science in Orthodontics (MSc)

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Academic Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Müßig
Rector of the Danube Private University (DPU), Krems

The high quality of our Master of Science in Orthodontics (MSc) programme is known throughout the world, as can be seen by the countless number of students coming from abroad to attend our courses. Recent programmes have included participants from, e.g. the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Egypt, Libya, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The current developments in the field of orthodontics play an important role in the MSc Orthodontics programme. In addition to the predominant treatment of children and adolescents practiced in orthodontics to this day, periodontal-therapeutic, functional-therapeutic, pre-prosthetic and aesthetic treatments for adults also play a major role. New treatment techniques and methods that meet the needs of orthodontic treatments for adults are taught in great detail and with a practical orientation. As a result, orthodontics becomes a treatment method for (almost) all ages, thus significantly expanding the area of activity for orthodontists and making the orthodontic professional a valuable addition to any practice.