Master of Science in Endodontics (MSc)

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Academic Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl-Thomas Wrbas
Chief Senior Physician, Freiburg University Medical Centre and Head of the Endodontics department at Danube Private University (DPU) Krems

The "MSc" is more than just a title!
For the first time since the postgraduate "Master of Science in Endodontics (MSc)" programme started in November 2005 it has become possible for practising dentists to attain a reputable, globally recognised "Master of Science in Endodontics" degree while working. What has been the international standard for decades was an absolute novelty in Austria and Germany in 2005. The Master of Science in Endodontics (MSc) has been established since the beginning of the first programme and, as a course with clear academic and practical content, distinguishes itself from conventional curricula and advanced training courses in its conception and orientation. Endodontics is taught from the basics to the state of the art "high end" area over six semesters.
It goes without saying that a part-time programme means a fixed amount of time and learning. In contrast, there is the joy of studying, the change from everyday work, the contact with fellow students, overcoming personal challenges, achieving a top professional position and ultimately receiving the academic title of "Master of Science"!
It is a question of how students see themselves and their professional situation in practice and how they want to position themselves in the future. Specialisations in the field of dentistry will increase. There have long been ideas in the healthcare system to conclude special contracts with specialists. Not to mention the private healthcare sector, where the service of an academically recognised specialist is more in demand than ever. Endodontics will play a major role in this sector in the future. In order to be personally and professionally successful, it is usually necessary to put your wishes and goals above your fears. Studying a master's programme can, as many colleagues have experienced in recent years, serve as a catalyst for future personal and professional success.