Economic Factor

Danube Private University (DPU) and the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems have created 175 jobs in Krems-Stein. In addition, around EUR 60 million were invested in setting up the entire operation, without any state funding.

Approximately 670 dentistry students, who live in Krems full-time for an average of six years, generate EUR 60 million of annual educational revenue for the city of Krems and the state of Lower Austria. In addition, 1,100 practising dentists are enrolled in one of DPU's postgraduate Master of Science in Specialisation (MSc) programmes and a selection of other dentists are enrolled in the doctoral programme (PhD), which also results in a considerable economic upswing for the region.

As an elite university, DPU has a good reputation worldwide, which also promotes Krems as a university location and attracts interesting tourists (e.g. dentists, academics, industrialists). This network is constantly expanded by students, their parents, relatives and friends.

DPU and its students integrate themselves into the Krems region and it remains forever in the hearts of those who study there.

Senator Honorary Consul Prof. h.c. M.B Wagner-Pischel
Founder, owner and president of DPU
Managing Director of the DPU Dental Clinic Krems
Managing Director and shareholder of PUSH GmbH