Dental and Medical Excellence

DPU stands for excellence in research and teaching, offering its students a state-of-the-art study programme in human medicine. This is ensured on the one hand by the presentation of knowledge by renowned lecturers, predominantly professors, who teach and research at a high professional level, and on the other hand by practice-oriented training with the latest processes, equipment, instruments and materials from the first term onwards.

Studying Successfully as a Community

The students perceive their studies as an “experience”. They are both challenged and supported, and they are partners in teaching, science and research from the very beginning. A clearly structured and streamlined study programme (20 weeks per term instead of the 15 customary at state universities), compact teaching, compulsory attendance, regular coaching and tutorials stimulate performance. Despite stringent academic demands, studies at DPU take place in a positive, familiar atmosphere. Mutual consideration and work as a community take the place of selfish competition. Each student at DPU has access to exclusive lab course places and a broad spectrum of patients, both in the preclinical and in the clinical part of the studies. If a student fulfils his or her performance requirements at DPU, he or she will thus always be able to obtain the degree within the standard period of study.