Dental Excellence

The Danube Private University (DPU) stands for excellence in research and teaching, and offers its students a state-of-the-art university education. This occurs on the one hand through the transfer of knowledge by renowned academic staff, mainly professors, who teach and research at an extremely high level of professional expertise, and on the other hand through practical training using the very latest methods and equipment from the very first pre-clinical semester. The candidati med. dent., young dentists in training, practice evidence-based medicine at the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems. The case-oriented treatment planning — each patient is treated by a pair of students — allows them to acquire an excellent education, ensuring that they can work as dentists — and as ambassadors of dental excellence — anywhere in the world after graduating with their Dr. med. dent. degrees.

Studying at the DPU is an “experience” for students; they are challenged and supported, and are partners in science, teaching and research from the very start. A clearly structured, rigid study programme (20 semester weeks instead of the 15 at state universities), intensive teaching blocks, high attendance requirements and regular coaching and tutorials, motivate them to perform. Despite the demanding study requirements, the DPU still provides its students with a positive and familiar atmosphere to study in. Consideration for others and the teamwork ideal take the place of egocentric competition. All students who fulfil the required performance criteria at the DPU have the opportunity to complete their degrees within the standard period of study. Every student has exclusive practicum places (e.g. dental propaedeutical laboratory, phantom room, dental treatment units) at their disposal from the very start. During the clinical training, they have state-of-the art equipment and a broad spectrum of patients at their disposal to complete the compulsory components within the framework of the 72-week practicum. The “compulsory elective” during their final clinical year is already an indicator of a possible postgraduate Master of Science (MSc) at the DPU.