Facilities for Pre-clinical Practicums

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The university offers its students a dental propaedeutical laboratory with 50 places and a phantom room with 48 treatment units and a master treatment unit. In addition to the conventional “Conservative Dentistry” and “Prosthetic Dentistry” phantom courses, the DPU also offers an exclusive phantom course on “Modern Technologies in Dentistry (CAD/CAM)” using the corresponding equipment (oral scans, software, hardware, 3D printers).

The “Biosciences” Teaching and Research Pavilion offers optimal conditions for conducting practicums in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, etc..

The university has also acquired the necessary equipment for the scientific practicums (e.g. ECG and blood pressure monitoring devices, as well as hardware and software for the simulation of physiological experiments, microscopes, electrophoresis apparatuses, centrifuges, photometers, blotting apparatuses, etc.). It has also set up a dissection room for teaching small groups on human preparations in the anatomy practicum and pre-clinical surgical practicums. In addition, there is also an anatomage table available. The university also owns an advanced emergency medicine training dummy that can simulate realistic emergency situations and is frequently borrowed by the local Red Cross for training exercises.