Human Medicine Student Body

The Human Medicine Student Body at DPU is both a registered association and the elected representation of the interests of two current study groups (Med1 and Med2) in the department of Medicine/Dentistry.

Two study group representatives elected from each semester are appointed to the student body. They meet every month to ensure a reliable exchange of information between the various student groups and address any questions and concerns that arise. The student body, which is made up of all elected study group representatives, in turn elects two chairpersons; so far one has been elected for the "pre-clinical" stage and the election of one for the "clinical" stage is planned in the future. The chairpersons then have seats in the university's senate.

Through regular quality circle meetings with the Directorate of Marketing & Management, the Directorate of Scientific Coordination & Management and the Rector/University Board, every effort is made to analyse the interests of all parties quickly and efficiently, with necessary action taken where required. Furthermore, its stated aim is to support and initiate social projects in accordance with the humanistic mission statement of the Danube Private University.

We also strive to pursue the humanistic ideal of our university by supporting and initiating numerous social projects.