DPU - Symposium 2022

11 Symposium 2022 Curriculum Vitae: Jean Abraham is Professor of Precision Breast Cancer Medicine and an Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology at the University of Cambridge. She directs the Precision Breast Cancer Institute and co-leads the Integrated Cancer Medicine theme and the Breast Programme in the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre. Jean is deputy theme lead for Cancer at the Cambridge NIHR Biomedical Research Campus. She is Chief Investigator of eight national/ regional trials. She is a member of the National Clinical Studies Group for Breast Cancer and has advised NICE on breast cancer therapeutics and the House of Commons Select Committee on Genomics. She completed her undergraduate training in Pharmacology and in Medicine at the University of Liverpool. She was awarded a Cancer Research UK National Clinical Training Fellowship and completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Abstract: Multi-Modal Data Integration in Breast Cancer Management Breast cancers are a heterogeneous disease with multiple sub-types. Many clinical trials and translational studies have collected disparate pieces of information on patients, often siloed in different laboratories or institutes with no holistic view of the biological information on any one patient. We need to combine multiple data modalities from individual patients to develop richer disease models that be used to predict response to therapy, prognosticate and investigate breast cancer with greater precision and accuracy. However, translating and implementing this into more routine care is complicated. My research programme brings together clinical trials and translational studies of breast cancer patients to develop clinical pathways that aim ultimately to deliver multi-modal data integration in near real time. I will give examples of real-time multi-modal data integration that impacts on clinical care. Initially focusing on genomics and transcriptomics but developing the pathways for radiomics and digital pathology as well as other “omics”. We are hoping to continue to collaborate with Professor Ramona Woitek as part of this project. © HUEBL Prof. Jean Abraham Director of Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit, UK