DPU - Symposium 2022

17 Symposium 2022 Curriculum Vitae: Prof. Dr. Constantin von See was appointed as Director of the Center for CAD/CAM and Digital Technologies in Dentistry at Danube Private University (DPU) Krems in 2014. Having completed his studies in Dentistry (Dr. med. dent.), he went on to obtain his medical license at Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany in 2001. He is an oral surgeon and completed his PhD on experimental studies in the field of “Reactive modifications of bone and soft tissue after implanting hydrogel expanders” at the Clinic for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery of Hannover Medical School in 2011. Prof. Dr. Constantin von See also holds a Master’s Degree in Health Management. Since 2016 he is Head of the Master’s Program for Esthetic Reconstructive Dental Medicine at the Danube Private University (DPU) Krems, Austria. Abstract: Artificial intelligence in dentistry - ready for everyday practice? Background: Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) applications have been introduced to dental radiology and dental healthcare more than two decades ago. With the digitalization in dentistry and here especially intraoral scanning new opportunites were applicable. Material and Methods: A literature review on dental applications in ML and DL was performed to have an overview on the lastest developments and detect trends in artifical intelligence in dentistry. Results: Most applications are found nowadays in orthdontic treatment applications. In recent years dental radiology has become a new field in research. Discussion: Even though more and more DL applications are available in dentistry main aspects in mathematical and ethical considerations are not fully thought of today to specify applications in dentistry © Nik Pichler Univ.-Prof. Dr. Constantin von See, MaHM Director CAD/CAM and Digital Technologies in Dentistry, Danube Private University, Krems, Austria