DPU - Symposium 2022

Medica l Image Ana lysis & Ar t i f icia l Intel l igence Symposium 2022 Nr. 2: Laszlo Jaksa, MSc: 3D Printer Enabling Customized Anatomic Models Curriculum Vitae: Laszlo Jaksa holds a BSc and an MSc in Mechatronics from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Currently he is a researcher at the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology, and a PhD student at the Technical University of Vienna, Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics. His main research focus is using a combination of thermoplastic and silicone rubber 3D-printing for various medical applications, especially anatomic models. His side activities involve medical device prototyping and ceramic additive manufacturing. Abstract: 3D Printer Enabling Customized Anatomic Models In additive manufacturing, a frequently reported application is the production of anatomical models. One emerging technology is extrusion-based silicone rubber 3D-printing, which allows the customization of mechanical and radiological properties of printed objects. In this study, the abilities of a custom-built 3D-printer were investigated. Test objects were printed with three different silicone rubbers, focusing on the sagging of unsupported overhangs and bridges as a function of material viscosity. It was observed that the silicone with the highest viscosity had the highest average sagging both in the overhang and the bridge specimens. Tuning both hardness and radiological properties through infill structuring was also investigated with rectangular blocks of various gyroid infill densities. These were subject to Shore A hardness measurement and computed tomography. Both the Hounsfield Units and the hardness values were heavily inf luenced by the infill percentage, making this method potentially useful in producing realistic anatomic models.