DPU - Symposium 2022

Medica l Image Ana lysis & Ar t i f icia l Intel l igence Symposium 2022 Nr. 3: Dr. med. dent. Richard Mosch: 3D-Gedruckte Zähne – der neue Standard? Curriculum Vitae: Ass. Prof. Dr. med. dent. Richard Mosh has been working on the further development of digital dentistry in the Digital Technologies/CADCAM team for six years, first as a research assistant and then as a dentist. He has researched the technical development of digital fabrication in all areas of dentistry, whether in guided implantology, printed crowns and bridges or in complete dentures. Since 2021 he has been working as a senior physician. Abstract: 3D printed teeth -the new standard? The case shown illustrates the possibilities of 3D printing as a solution for aesthetic, temporary and cost-effective dental restorations. The ability to print restorations in a short time enables maximum individuality in modern dentistry. Thanks to the much more efficient data transfer via the network, distances can be saved and the high use of materials can be reduced. Thanks to the further development in the field of 3D printing, a precise and cost-effective alternative to the production of first temporary and in the future also definitive prosthetic restorations is possible. It is clear that digitalisation has already found its way into dentistry and will undoubtedly be used more and more in everyday practice in the future with its diverse application possibilities.