DPU - Symposium 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all who contributed to the success of our first Symposium “Medical Image Analysis & Artificial Intelligence” at the Danube Private University, Faculty for Medicine, in Autumn 2022. The event was hosted by the Danube Private University and took place in their newly built conference and concert hall in Unterloiben in the Wachau, Austria. Our primary objective for this Symposium was to bring together thought leaders and scientific expertise at a time where digitalization plays such a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. With this event we were able to showcase how multidisciplinary collaboration can lead to break through developments in science to improve the health of patients and the public. European scientists, academics and business professionals had a platform for scientific debate enabling them to exchange newly acquired knowledge in the fields of Medical Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. My special thanks goes out to our colleagues at the Medical Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (MIAAI) group at the Danube Private University. Since its establishment in Summer 2022, under the scientific direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ramona Woitek and Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sepideh Hatamikia, the MIAAI Group focuses on the analysis of medical imaging data for the development of quantitative biomarkers, as well as the use of Artificial Intelligence to predict the presence of disease, its progression or treatment response. Additionally, my thanks goes out to our Key Note Speakers Professor Jean Abraham, Director of Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit, University of Cambridge, UK, and Professor Evis Sala, Professor of Oncological Imaging, University of Cambridge, UK. Their outstanding research work has led to significant medical advances in cancer research and we continue, with great anticipation, to see developments unfold for the future of cancer patients. I hope that the following summary of speakers, research topics and posterwalks provides you with a lasting memory of a truly successful first symposium and we look forward to further events with you in the future. Kindest regards, Robert Wagner, MA Director for Higher Education Planning, Strategic Management, Research & Development Danube Private University © Pressefoto LACKINGER