DPU - Symposium 2022

Medica l Image Ana lysis & Ar t i f icia l Intel l igence Symposium 2022 Curriculum Vitae: Prof. Dr. Christian Wetterauer completed his medical studies at Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany. He completed speciality training in urology at the university hospitals of Zurich and Basel, followed by a research fellowship at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. He currently works as Chief Physician in Urology at University Hospital Basel where he is also Head of Center of Excellence for Robotic Assisted Prostate Cancer Diagnostics. His research focuses on minimally invasive and robotic-assisted endourologic procedures, and on digital health solutions, including AI-based decision support tools. Prior to this position he headed the department for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics & BPH Treatment. Prof. Dr. Christian Wetteraurer was appointed Professor of Urology at the Danube Private University (DPU), Krems in 2022. Abstract: Clinical application of AIPC in urology Management of prostate cancer patients is a complex process involving multi-disciplinary teams. Efficient exchange of information among these departments is crucial. However, in most organizations, relevant data is stored disparate and siloed in various IT systems. In daily clinical practice, clinicians spend a substantial amount of time collecting, integrating, and assessing patient data in order to care for their patients. Effective data integration tools that extract and combine data from multiple sources as well as adequate data represenation are required. In the last years, we have worked together with an industry partner, Siemens Healthineers, on prototypes for AI supported pathway-specific clinical decision support systems based upon best practice as defined by the EAU prostate cancer guidelines. This work consisted of both data mapping, data integration and development of front-end data representation. We evaluated the first CE-certified version of the clinical decision support software AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer in the context of prostate cancer treatment decision making. © HUEBL Prof. Dr. Christian Wetterauer Professor of Urology, Danube Private University, Krems, Austria