Dear patients,

Your dental/oral health is important to us.

Even in times of "COVID-19" the team at the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems continues the dental treatment of its patients, therefore making a major contribution to maintaining the health care of citizens in Lower Austria.

Dr. Sven Orechovsky, Chief Physician and Quality Assurance Representative, Vice President of the Lower Austrian Dental Association, is in close contact with Dr. Fritz Stauffer, our clinic hygienist and Dr. med. Piero Lercher, our company physician, who regularly give recommendations for the clinical processes and evaluate them.

Risk of infection

The dentists in training, the medical staff, the entire team at the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems, including the dental assistants and the sterilisation assistants, have received the best possible training in hygiene. The medical management has always considered this to be very important. Avoiding the transmission of germs and infections has been part of our established everyday clinical routine for years. During the pandemic, the general hygiene program was supplemented by targeted prevention and safety measures in order to minimise the risk of infection for patients.

Coronavirus rapid test screenings

Since the beginning of the "2nd COVID-19 wave", DPU has also carried out "Coronavirus rapid test screenings" every 7 days for all clinic staff (students, doctors and other clinic staff) to ensure their health and protect our patients in the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems in the best possible way. This unique preventive measure initiated by the university management, for which DPU bears the costs, has already shown success, because only 0.006% of people have tested positive so far and they were isolated immediately. Therefore, the clinic has been able to continue operating undisturbed so far.


In order to ensure the highest possibl patient safety and minimise the general risk of infection, the entire DPU clinic team have been vaccinated.

Patient behaviour

  • Ensure sufficient time for the appointment
  • Wear an FFP2 mask when you enter the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems
  • Observe the social distancing rules with a minimum of one metre
  • Observe the special requirements relating to the reception and waiting area
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your elbow

Hand disinfection: 30 seconds

COVID-19: Suspicion/Infection:

If you have a treatment booked with us, but you suspect you have COVID-19 or you are ill with COVID-19, do not enter the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems under any circumstances. Instead, stay at home and inform the Chief Physician's office. You will then be informed of the measures stipulated by the authorities.

Important official links in the context of the pandemic:

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