Endodontics is like many things in life. You first have to develop a relationship with it. Then you can experience the dynamism, increased achievements and joy in the activity.

Endodontics is the basis of modern dentistry. Endodontic treatment cases occur almost daily in every dental practice. These are often seen as time-consuming treatment measures in the everyday work at practices, which can only be brought into systematic order with concepts, training, modern materials and equipment.

Typically, dentists do not realise the potential for success in their practices that endodontics can bring until later in their careers.

The Master of Science (Continuing Education) in Endodontics, is a degree programme with clear academic and practical content, distinct in its conception and orientation from conventional curricula and continuing education courses. Endodontics is taught from top to bottom here, including topics such as:

  • Endosurgery
  • Post-endodontic treatment and materials science
  • Guided endodontics – three-dimensional imaging in endodontics.

Academic Director:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl-Thomas Wrbas
Chief Senior Physician at Freiburg University Medical Centre, and Head of the Endodontics department at Danube Private University (DPU)