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The term “running” encompasses all types of sport where people’s natural running movement is the main focus. Whether technically optimised for a certain distance, as an athletics discipline, as part of a triathlon or to increase basic endurance, in view of its historical development alone – running offers people a natural form of sport. “Running for everyone” is the DPU running team’s motto. Running offers the perfect balance to demanding clinical routines and exhausting lecture series alike. That’s why the team meets for a weekly run together. Alongside endurance, we focus on professionally-led training in running technique. Hypertrophy or myofascial aspects, stability and stamina training are on the agenda. This first-rate support helps us to prepare for competitions as well as private goals. We take part jointly in events like the Wachau Marathon or the City Run Krems. It isn’t just about sporting achievements, however – friendships are forged, and community also stands in the foreground.
All running enthusiasts among the students are very welcome to join our team!

We look forward to meeting you!


Hanna Höflehner