Application/Tuition Fees

Admission requirements and admission procedure for the doctoral programme

Proof of completion of a relevant degree programme (dentistry or medicine) at a recognised domestic or international (EU or ENIC-NARIC equivalent) post-secondary educational institution, which qualifies and entitles the holder to practice medicine or dentistry independently and without restriction. Additional qualifications (e.g. theses, publications, book contributions, dissertations, patents and completed advanced training and further education) may be taken into account when allocating study places.

Fluent knowledge of German and English (native speaker or corresponding to Level 2 (B2) in spoken and written)

Step 1: Submission of the written application (application form to check the prerequisites for enrolment to the Doctoral Programme in Dentistry (PhD), CV and proof of qualification(s)) and statement of the desired dissertation topic and supervisor to DPU

Step 2: Checking of the application documents by DPU

Step 3: Personal interview with representatives of the dissertation committee at DPU. If the interview is successful, conclusion of a contractual agreement on the development phase of the project application and payment of the application fee

Step 4: Development of the project application for the planned dissertation with support from a chosen supervisor at DPU, including definition of the cost framework and type of funding (own funding, third-party funding, grants, external funding) (the period for the application procedure is max. 6 months)

Upon reaching step 4, the following documents will be made available to you:

• Lecture/seminar overview – study schedule
• Exam regulations
• Research definition – schedule
• Supervision concept

Step 5: Decision by the dissertation committee regarding the approval of the project application. If approved, admission to the Doctoral Programme in Dentistry at DPU (PhD).

Step 6: Conclusion of a supervision agreement to accept a PhD candidate into the Doctoral Programme in Dentistry (PhD), payment of the tuition fees for the 1st year of study

The tuition fees are EUR 13,000 per semester, in line with general tuition fees for the dentistry degree programme.

The application fee for the admission procedure is a lump sum of EUR 7,500. This is payable in step 3 (see above), even if the candidate is not accepted for the doctoral programme.