Dental Clinic: Clinical internship facilities

The DPU Dental Clinic in Krems is adjacent to DPU's main building. It has 52 state-of-the-art treatment units and an operating theatre from DENTSPLY SIRONA, as well as a live broadcast facility in the lecture hall. In addition, x-ray facilities are available for the production of panoramic tomograms (orthopantomograms) and digital volume tomograms.

During the "integrated treatment course" as part of the 72-week practical training course, students apply state-of-the-art treatment methods based on the principle of diagnosis and case-oriented, cross-centre treatment planning in order to fulfil the clinical specifications ("Pflichtenheft").

The intensive support provided by a fixed team of dentists assigned for each semester allows students to practice in the best-possible way at a high, evidence-based level under the academic guidance of renowned professors.

The technical dental work for the patients of the DPU Dental Clinic in Krems is produced by master dental technicians and assistants in DPU's own industrial laboratory as well as partner laboratories in cooperation with the research centre for Digital Technologies in Dentistry and CAD/CAM. The dentists in training can therefore fully concentrate on their professional goal – the treatment of patients – during the clinical stage of study.

Digital practice

Technical equipment: DPU is characterised by a high degree of state-of-the-art networking of digital dental devices. The digital workflow, for example, between radiology, implantological planning and working chair-side, is integrated directly into student teaching and conveyed in practice. The areas of dental practice organisation and material management are also networked and therefore meet the requirements of a modern information system, device preparation and patient administration.

Processes: Quality management within the practical work and continuous improvement processes are integrated into the clinical process and teaching, and are professionally supported by appropriate committees. The manufacturing methods for prosthetic restorations are at the highest technical level. The combination of scientific testing for new processes and comparative process management should be emphasised.

Equipment: DPU has highly technical equipment with state-of-the-art systems. The students complete their training on these systems and can use them to treat patients. Working chair-side and intraoral scanning are taught with the help of various devices. Software training on the technical devices enables a high standard of training in student teaching.